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Press release

African Tribunal Reinforces Nationality Rights for Children

The African Union body responsible for protecting children’s rights has urged Kenya to grant citizenship to children of its stateless Nubian minority, in a ruling that marks a victory in the battle against statelessness across the continent and beyond.

October 04, 2011
Press release

UN Calls on Czech Authorities to Desegregate Schools

The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child has called on the Czech Republic to end practices which segregate both Roma children and children with disabilities from mainstream education in its schools.

June 23, 2011
Press release

Ethnic Profiling Challenge in France Moves Forward

A groundbreaking constitutional challenge to the widespread use of ethnic profiling by French police took a major step forward this week, as judges from across the country agreed to refer cases heard before local courts to the highest court in...

June 16, 2011
Press release

Advocates Launch Constitutional Challenge to Ethnic Profiling by French Police

An unprecedented constitutional challenge to the widespread use of ethnic profiling by French police has been launched this week by more than 50 French lawyers, with the support of the Open Society Justice Initiative.

May 24, 2011
Press release

Statement on Pretrial Detention and Discrimination

Advocates including the Open Society Foundations speak out on the estimated three million people around the world behind bars awaiting trial—many of whom are from the poorest and most marginalized sectors of society.

December 10, 2010
Press release

Czech Government Flouts Court Ruling on Roma Education

The Czech Republic has failed to comply with European law and integrate Romani children into mainstream schools, said the Open Society Justice Initiative in a complaint filed this week.

November 10, 2010
Press release

Ruling Against Ethnic Profiling in Spain Must Be Implemented

The Open Society Justice Initiative and Women's Link Worldwide are pressing the Spanish human rights ombudsman to follow up on the government's failure to comply with the UN Human Rights Committee’s landmark ruling in the case of Williams v. Spain.

October 22, 2010
Press release

Hearing on Roma Discrimination in Italy Marks Progress, but Crisis Unresolved

A hearing on the case of Omerovic and Others v. Italy, filed in cooperation with the Open Society Justice Initiative, marks the first time testimony has been presented in court to challenge Italy’s Nomad Emergency Decree for unfairly targeting...

September 17, 2010
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