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"I Can Stop and Search Whoever I Want"—Police Stops of Ethnic Minorities in Bulgaria, Hungary and Spain

Combining statistics, first-person accounts, and policy recommendations, this Open Society Justice Initiative book makes clear that ethnic profiling occurs in all three countries and is ineffective in combating crime.

April 2007
First page of PDF with filename: profiling_20070419.pdf
Fact Sheet

2014–2019: Strengthening Arrest Rights in the European Union

This fact sheet sets out the remaining priorities for development of E.U.-wide standards on arrest and criminal procedural rights.

November 2013 | Kersty McCourt
First page of PDF with filename: factsheet-strengthening-defence-rights-eu-11212013.pdf

A Community-Based Practitioner’s Guide: Documenting Citizenship and Other Forms of Legal Identity

This guide provides instructions on how to establish a community-based paralegal program to help people document citizenship and other forms of legal identity.

June 2018
First page of PDF with filename: a-community-based-practitioners-guide-documenting-citizenship-and-other-forms-of-legal-identity-20180627.pdf
Fact Sheet

A Quasi – Experimental Impact Evaluation of a Criminal Justice Paralegal Program in Sierra Leone

A pilot paralegal program launched by Timap for Justice and the Open Society Justice Initiative is providing access to justice to those detained at police stations and prisons in rural Sierra Leone.

December 2010
First page of PDF with filename: pretrial-csae-research-overview-20120710.pdf

A Toolkit for Drafting Complaints to the United Nations Human Rights Committee and Committee Against Torture

This manual for human rights activists and lawyers seeks to develop their skills in using litigation as one of the tools to combat torture, cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment and punishment.

April 2018
First page of PDF with filename: litigation-toolkit-torture-20180427.pdf

Addressing Children's Right to Nationality

This Open Society Justice Initiative document makes the case that the UN must clarify the obligation that governments bear for stateless children.

February 2011 | Sebastian Kohn
First page of PDF with filename: children-right-nationality-20110202.pdf

Addressing Ethnic Profiling by Police

This Open Society Justice Initiative book reports on strategies for improving police-community relations by increasing the fairness, effectiveness, and accountability of police stops in Bulgaria, Hungary, and Spain.

May 2009
First page of PDF with filename: profiling_20090511.pdf

Africa Citizenship and Discrimination Preparatory Meeting Issues Report

Activists from 11 African countries, with the support of the Open Society Justice Initiative, will launch a two-year review of citizenship laws and practice on the continent.

July 27, 2004
First page of PDF with filename: audit_20040727.pdf
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