A  woman sitting down and holding a notepad speaks with members of a village in Nepal.


We seek to advance the right to nationality for all by addressing the root causes of statelessness and the harms inflicted by denial and deprivation of citizenship.

Political participation, personal security, and social and economic opportunities increasingly hinge on the ability to prove citizenship or other forms of legal status. 

The extraordinary power to denationalize and expel citizens is also expanding in many parts of the world and instances of mass deprivation of nationality are on the rise, leading to a substantial percentage of the world’s population that is effectively dehumanized, denied basic rights, and susceptible to human rights violations. The toxic global combination of authoritarianism, climate degradation, corporate power, and digital surveillance reinforce this ugly trend.

We work to constrain contemporary threats to the security of citizenship and to eliminate structural barriers that perpetuate hidden modes of exclusion and abuse. We use litigation, advocacy, and research to combat arbitrary deprivation of nationality, secure equal access to citizenship, and reform flawed identity documentation regimes. 

We aim to connect with communities through legal empowerment initiatives designed to break down administrative barriers linked to historical patterns of discrimination against minorities and other vulnerable groups. We have played a leading role in mobilizing international efforts to eliminate statelessness, which deprives over 15 million people of access to economic and political rights.  

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