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Climate Justice

We seek to end the systemic harm caused by climate change—from flooded homes to financial crises—that deepens existing social inequities and injustices.

The climate crisis presents an unprecedented challenge that threatens human rights and the very foundation of open society itself.

The increased economic and social strains brought by climate change provide authoritarians with the opportunity to use crisis as a reason to silence democratic debate, discriminate, and foment conflict across national borders. Meanwhile, for too long, powerful opponents, including the fossil fuel industry and agribusiness, with their financial allies and lobbying, might have blocked much-needed change.

The Justice Initiative seeks to end the systemic harm caused by the climate crisis—from corporate corruption to government inaction—that deepens existing social inequities and injustices. This entails disrupting global trade, whose production chains enable shameful and illegal labor and environmental practices, such as the beef and palm oil industries; supporting the most vulnerable communities in fighting back against major carbon emitters; ensuring just climate finance reparations and recognition of the loss and damage caused by the climate crisis; and holding states accountable to their national and international obligations.

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