UN Human Rights Committee: General Comment No. 34

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UN HRC General Comment No. 34 Download the 15-page document. 164.87 Kb, PDF Download
July 21, 2011

This full unedited advance text of the UN Human Rights Committee's General Comment No. 34 deals with the right to freedom of expression under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

The comment, finalized on July 21, 2011, constitutes an authoritative interpretation of the freedoms of opinion and expression guaranteed by Article 19 of the covenant. It is binding on more than 165 countries.

The document’s 54 paragraphs were drawn up during two years of debate and consultations. In addition to hearing from governments, national human rights institutions, and academics, the committee received written and oral contributions from more than 70 NGOs, including the Open Society Justice Initiative.

The last General Comment on freedom of expression, issued in 1983, was only three paragraphs long.


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