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The Open Society Justice Initiative strives to ensure that the law, too often an instrument of power alone, is shaped and employed in the service of justice. 

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    Access to Justice

    We pursue innovative approaches to expanding access to justice to people who lack the power or the resources to secure the protection of the law.



    We seek to advance the right to nationality for all by addressing the root causes of statelessness and the harms inflicted by denial and deprivation of citizenship.


    Civic Space

    Lawyers and advocates from the Open Society Justice Initiative seek to protect basic democratic rights around the world—often in the face of authoritarian repression that seeks to silence dissent.



    We seek to end the systemic harm caused by climate change—from flooded homes to financial crises—that deepens existing social inequities and injustices. 



    The Justice Initiative works to combat high-level, transnational corruption, which drains resources from developing countries and fuels repression and violence.  


    Criminal Justice

    Everyone who is accused of a crime is entitled to a fair trial—but justice also depends on what happens to suspects before they get to court.   


    Discrimination and Equality

    We work to ensure equal treatment and equal access to public services for everyone, regardless of their ethnic background or identity.


    Economic Justice

    We seek to expand the use of human rights law to protect people who find themselves trapped in exploitative relationships with those who hold more economic power.


    International Justice

    We work to strengthen the system of international criminal justice to hold accountable those responsible for genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes. 


    National Security and Counter­terrorism

    The Open Society Justice Initiative conducts strategic litigation, research, and advocacy to ensure that national security and counterterror policies conform to human rights standards and the rule of law. 


    Rule of Law

    The Open Society Justice Initiative works to strengthen the regional and international courts, commissions, and treaty bodies that advance human rights and the rule of law.


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