Justice Initiative lawyers have represented scores of individuals and groups before domestic and international human rights courts and tribunals around the world. These cases seek not only to vindicate individual claims, but to establish and strengthen the law’s protection for all. 

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Hospital Attacks in Syria

Russia’s air force deliberately attacked Kafr Nabl hospital in Syria in 2019. A legal filing, brought on behalf of victims and survivors, seeks a ruling from the UN Human Rights Committee on the attack—part of a wider pattern of attacks against health care facilities in Syria by Russian forces.

Last update: May 02, 2024

Claudia Medina v. Secretaría de Marina and Fiscalia General de la República

After the Mexican government granted the armed forces powers to carry out law enforcement operations in 2006, the Mexican Navy committed systemic patterns of torture and sexual violence with the rubber stamp approval of the prosecutor's office.

Last update: March 26, 2024

Wa Baile v. Switzerland

Mohamed Wa Baile claimed to have been subjected to ethnic profiling in 2015, when he was stopped by police officers in a train station in Zurich and told to identify himself. In 2018, Wa Baile complained to the European Court of Human Rights,which found in his favor in February, 2024.

Last update: February 20, 2024

IACHR Advisory Opinion on Climate Emergency and Human Rights

This submssion argues for an ambitious and expansive approach to the protection of the rights of people displaced by the climate emergency, as the Inter-American Court of Human Rights prepares an Advisory Opinion that will shape future regional law and policy in the region.


Pernell v. Lamb

Florida House Bill (HB) 7, designed to censor discussions related to race and gender in the educational setting, will impede State-mandated training of law enforcement officers in human diversity and implicit biases, argue a coalition of law enforcement groups in an amicus brief filed before the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals.


Ramy and Céline Shaath v. Arab Republic of Egypt

This case was filed before the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights on behalf of Ramy Shaath, an Egyptian-Palestinian national and a prominent human rights defender who was an active participant in the 2011 Egyptian revolution, and his wife, Celine Lebrun-Shaath.


Responsible Development for Abaco (RDA) Ltd. v. the Rt. Hon. Perry Christie et al.

This appeal before the Privy Council challenges the Bahamian court of appeal’s approach to security for costs, an order it routinely makes in public interest environmental cases that prevent impacted communities from accessing the courts.


Achbita v. Belgium

This complaint filed against Belgium with the UN Human Rights Committee, pertaining to a receptionist who was dismissed for intending to wear a headscarf in the workplace, argues that religious dress restrictions are discriminatory against Muslim women.

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