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Unmaking Americans: Insecure Citizenship in the United States—Fact Sheet

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Unmaking Americans: Insecure Citizenship in the United States - Fact Sheet Download the 4-page fact sheet. 602.73 Kb, PDF Download
September 2019
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Whether obtained through birth or naturalization, American citizenship is American citizenship. In the darkest moments of U.S. history, political leaders have exploited citizenship laws to promote nativist ideologies and to advance regressive political agendas. The legacy is a citizenship system riddled with gaps in protections, eroding the fundamental promise of equality. 

This Unmaking Americans fact sheet and corresponding report examine how existing gaps in citizenship protections increase the vulnerability of citizens because of their race, national origin, religion, political opinion or a combination of factors. The power to deprive or deny citizenship can even lead to statelessness – when an individual has no nationality at all – rendering affected individuals without protection and subject to all manner of human rights abuses. 

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