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Urgent Action Needed on Rules for Khmer Rouge Tribunal

March 05, 2007
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NEW YORK—In an open letter to the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia, the Open Society Justice Initiative and other civil society group urge the court to adopt internal rules of procedure that satisfy international standards for the holding of fair and legitimate trials to try the senior leaders and those most responsible for crimes committed by the Khmer Rouge

The cosignatories of the letter assert that in order for "the proper administration of justice and to achieve the larger goals of truth, justice, reparation, and peace desired by every Cambodian, it is imperative that court officials put aside their political affiliations and blind adherence to their own legal systems—be they Cambodian, civil, or common law legal systems—in order to adopt the rules."

Stressing the court's limited timeframe for resolving this matter, the letter demands a timely adoption of "internal rules that satisfy international standards and universally recognized legal principles," stating this essential task "must be accomplished by April 2007 at the latest if the court is to complete its trials within the mandated 3-year timeframe."


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