Reducing Ethnic Profiling in the European Union: A Handbook of Good Practices

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Reducing Ethnic Profiling in the European Union: A Handbook of Good Practices Download the 232-page report. 2.27 Mb, PDF Download
March 06, 2013

Ethnic profiling by police in Europe is a widespread form of discrimination that violates basic human rights norms. Ethnic profiling is also inefficient: It leads police to focus on racial and ethnic traits rather than genuine indicators of suspicion, and results in stopping and searching large numbers of innocent people. Fortunately, better alternatives exist—approaches to policing that are fairer and more effective. This handbook documents those approaches and offers guidance to help cut down on discrimination and increase police efficacy.

Reducing Ethnic Profiling in the European Union provides diagnostic questions, field-tested ideas for reform, and proven models of good practice for reducing ethnic profiling. It is intended to help police officers, law enforcement agencies, oversight institutions, civil society organizations, and community representatives better understand the dynamics and costs of ethnic profiling, and aid them in developing new partnerships, policies, and practices to address the problem.

The nearly 100 case studies gathered in this handbook show that efforts to address ethnic profiling can succeed. Such efforts not only reduce discriminatory policing practices and outcomes, but also enhance the overall quality and efficiency of law enforcement. 


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