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Equality Betrayed: The Impact of Ethnic Profiling in France

French police checks disproportionately target young men of North African and Arab origin: read first hand accounts of the human cost and the damage done.

September 2013
First page of PDF with filename: equality-betrayed-impact-ethnic-profiling-france-20130925.pdf
Briefing Paper

Case Digests: The European Debt Crisis and Human Rights

Read summaries of important decisions related to the European Debt Crisis, including statements from UN and Council of Europe officials, and decisions of national and regional courts.

August 2013
First page of PDF with filename: case-digests-debt-crisis-human-rights-20130802.pdf
Briefing Paper

Submission to the Universal Periodic Review: Review of Germany

This submission to the Universal Periodic Review of Germany argues that several primary and secondary schools in Berlin are segregating migrant children in separate classes that provide vastly inferior education.

July 2013
First page of PDF with filename: universal-periodic-review-germany-16-session-upr-20130726.pdf
Briefing Paper

Case Digests: UN Committee on Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) 2004–12

A summary of decisions and views expressed by CEDAW in the period 2011–2012.

June 2013
First page of PDF with filename: case-digests-cedaw-june-2012-20130619.pdf
Briefing Paper

Case Digests: Legal Update on Discrimination

Read summaries of key decisions relating to discrimination, including ethnic profiling, from international and regional courts and tribunals from March 2012 to May 2013.

June 2013
First page of PDF with filename: case-digests-legal-update-discrimination-20130614.pdf

Ethnic Profiling: Letter from Spain’s Defensora del Pueblo

Recommendations from Spain’s Defensora del Pueblo to the General Directorate of Police at the Ministry of the Interior to address ethnic profiling.

May, 2013
First page of PDF with filename: comunicacion-defensora-pueblo-20130510_0.pdf

Viewed with Suspicion: The Human Cost of Stop and Search in England and Wales

How does it feel to bear the brunt of police profiling? The Open Society Justice Initiative conducted interviews with nine people whose lives have been directly affected by stop and search.

April 2013
First page of PDF with filename: viewed-with-suspicion-human-cost-stop-and-search-in-england-and-wales-20130419.pdf

Reducing Ethnic Profiling in the European Union: A Handbook of Good Practices

The nearly 100 case studies gathered in this handbook show that efforts to address ethnic profiling can reduce discrimination, and enhance the overall quality and efficiency of law enforcement.

March 06, 2013
First page of PDF with filename: reducing-ep-in-EU-12172012_0.pdf
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