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Case Watch: Strengthening Europe’s Non-Discrimination Law

What is the reach of the European Union law prohibition on race discrimination? A new case offer the Court of Justice an opportunity to affirm that non-discrimination on grounds of race is a general principle of EU law.

October 02, 2012 | Simon Cox

French Prime Minister Makes U-Turn on Reforming Police Stops

Opposition from France's powerful police unions is pushing the new government to switch course on measures to combat racist policing tactics.

September 28, 2012 | Jonathan Birchall & Rachel Neild

Case Watch: Challenging Police Abuse in Spain

A ruling from the European Court of Human Rights has recognized the particular vulnerability of black women in Spain to racial discrimination and abuse.

September 06, 2012 | Cristina de la Serna

Living in a Shadow of Perpetual Suspicion

Rizwaan Sabir was treated as a terrorism suspect for downloading a document for his academic research in 2008. His story highlights concerns about how anti-terrorism powers are being used by UK police.

July 17, 2012 | Rebekah Delsol

D.H. and Others v. Czech Republic

In 2007, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Roma children in the Czech Republic face systematic discrimination. But the Czech government has yet to take steps to remedy continuing school segregation.

Last update: July 16, 2012

Statelessness at the UN: Reaffirming the Right to Nationality

After nearly two years of advocacy by the Open Society Justice Initiative, the UN Human Rights Council moved to address the plight of millions of stateless people—including some five million children.

July 05, 2012 | Sebastian Kohn & Katrine Thomasen

Czech Roma Children Need Action Now to End School Segregation

The Public Defender of Rights of the Czech Republic says Roma children face continuing segregation in inferior schools. So why is the government doing nothing?

June 21, 2012 | James A. Goldston

Law Talks: Julia Harrington Reddy on Discrimination

Julia Harrington Reddy, a lawyer at the Open Society Justice Initiative, considers the challenges and effectiveness of using strategic litigation in the battle to end discrimination.

June 20, 2012 | Jonathan Birchall & Julia Harrington Reddy

Why Police Profiling Is Not Just a New York Problem

In cities across Western Europe, young men of color are subjected to discriminatory police stops, contributing to a profound sense of alienation—not just from the police, but from society at large.

June 14, 2012 | Indira Goris

UK Stop and Search Policing Tactics Mar Human Rights Report

Members of the UN Human Rights Council have raised concerns over ethnic, racial and religious profiling in the way British police carry out “stop and search” checks.

June 11, 2012 | Rebekah Delsol

Failing Another Generation: Czech Roma Policies Back in the Spotlight

The Czech Republic is again under pressure over its failure to end the segregation of Roma children in its schools, in defiance of the European Convention on Human Rights. Diplomats involved in this week’s review at the Council of Europe in...

June 05, 2012 | Will Cohen
Julias Mikas holding son

Failing Another Generation: A Photo Essay

The Open Society Justice Initiative commissioned photographer Stephanie Sinclair to document how the Czech government is funneling a new generation of Roma children into sub-standard schools, in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights.

June 5, 2012

Failing Another Generation: The Travesty of Roma Education in the Czech Republic

A book of photographs and interviews with the Roma families who challenged Czech school segregation before the European Court of Human Rights.

June 2012
First page of PDF with filename: failing-another-generation-20120601_0.pdf

France’s New Government Moves Quickly on Discriminatory Police Stops

France’s new prime minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault, says his government is planning to introduce a system of “receipts” aimed at tracking police stops that have been found to focus disproportionately on Arab and African youths.

June 01, 2012 | Lanna Hollo

Case Watch: Protecting Sexual Orientation Under Human Rights Mechanisms

Recent decisions from the top American and European human rights courts affirmed that sexual orientation and gender identity are protected categories under international law.

May 17, 2012 | Nermina Zecirovic-Arnaud

Challenging Police Profiling in France

Fifteen people have filed civil law suits against the French state for racial profiling—the first major legal action in France to address the longstanding police use of identity checks that target visible minorities.

April 11, 2012 | Lanna Hollo & Rachel Neild

UN Committee Rebukes Italy over Minority Discrimination

The UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) has become the latest international human rights body to criticize Italy over its treatment of both ethnic minorities and migrants.

April 04, 2012 | Costanza Hermanin & Katrine Thomasen

Case Watch: Fighting Negative Stereotyping as a Positive State Obligation

A ruling from the European Court of Human Rights supports freedom of expression over the right to private life, but argues that states must nevertheless do their utmost to combat negative racial-stereotyping.

April 02, 2012 | Zsolt Bobis
Briefing Paper

Submission to the Committee of Ministers: D.H. and Others v. Czech Republic

The implementation of the European Court of Human Rights' judgment in the Roma education case, DH and others v. Czech Republic, continues to falter. This submission by the Open Society Justice Initiative to the Committee of Ministers of the...

March 2012
First page of PDF with filename: dh-implementation-20120306.pdf

EC v. Italy

Roma in Italy are facing a wave of hostility, as fears of immigration from other EU countries are exacerbated by government-controlled media, and used to justify racist policies.

Last update: March 15, 2012
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