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Press release

Rights Groups Demand Investigation of CIA's Extraordinary Rendition Program

Lawsuits against Germany, United States, and Macedonia seek justice for Khaled El Masri, a German citizen rendered to Afghanistan and tortured by the CIA, according to the Open Society Justice Initiative, who met with partner organizations in...

June 12, 2008
Press release

Open Society Justice Initiative Expert Gives Senate Testimony on Rape as War Crime

Kelly Askin, senior legal officer on international justice, testified before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Human Rights and the Law about rape as a weapon of war.

May 16, 2008
Press release

Rights Groups Urge United Nations on Justice in Northern Uganda

In a letter sent to the UN Security Council, the Open Society Justice Initiative and two other leading human rights organizations urged the full pursuit of justice for mass crimes committed in northern Uganda.

May 16, 2008
Press release

Open Society Justice Initiative Applauds Torture Ruling

With Saadi v. Italy, the European Court of Human Rights has reaffirmed the European Convention ban on deporting people to countries where they are at risk of being tortured, in a decision hailed the Open Society Justice Initiative and other human...

April 15, 2008
Press release

New Report from Turkey Finds Accused Lack Legal Representation

An empirical study of legal aid in Istanbul jointly undertaken by the Open Society Justice Initiative and Istanbul Bilgi University found that only 10 percent of criminal defendants in Istanbul are represented by a lawyer.

April 06, 2008
Press release

Open Society Justice Initiative Commends Ruling on Prisoners' Rights in Kazakhstan, Calls for Investigation of Torture

A ruling by Kazakhstan's Constitutional Council overturning a legal provision limiting the rights of prisoners who protested against widespread torture in prison is a step in the right direction, but authorities must investigate prisoners'...

March 27, 2008
Press release

Open Society Justice Initiative Finds Racial Discrimination in Dutch Database

The Dutch government’s practice of gathering and processing sensitive racial and ethnic data infringes on the right to privacy and the right of freedom from racial and ethnic discrimination, according to a legal submission by the Open Society...

March 21, 2008
Press release

Lawsuit Seeks Greater Freedom of Expression in Sierra Leone

Journalists in Sierra Leone are challenging laws that criminalize free speech and authorize prison terms of up to seven years for those who criticize the government, reports the Open Society Justice Initiative, which is providing assistance with the suit.

March 03, 2008
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