The Open Society Justice Initiative pursues strategic litigation and engages in policy advocacy in Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe. Read our News Releases and Advocacy Updates on our work.  

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Press release

Open Society Justice Initiative Makes Statement to the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights

The Open Society Justice Initiative, together with partners in a number of African countries, is undertaking a survey of the state of the law.

May 02, 2005
Press release

Police-Citizen Cooperation Works in Peru, UN Congress Told

Rachel Neild of the Open Society Justice Initiative briefed the UN Congress on the results of an experiment to bring Peru's police closer to the citizenry.

April 25, 2005
Press release

Inter-American Court Should Affirm Right to Nationality Without Discrimination

The Open Society Justice Initiative submitted an amicus curiae brief with the Inter-American Court of Human Rights to uphold the international prohibition on racial discrimination in access to nationality.

April 18, 2005
Press release

Council of Europe Urged to Adopt Access to Information Treaty

Sixteen European civil society organizations joined the Open Society Justice Initiative yesterday in calling on the Council of Europe to adopt a new binding instrument entrenching the right to access information throughout Europe.

April 13, 2005
Press release

Khmer Rouge Tribunal Is a Step Closer but Much Remains to Be Done

A UN donor conference secured pledges of US $38.48 million towards the establishment of the long awaited Khmer Rouge Tribunal, a cause championed by the Open Society Justice Initiative.

March 29, 2005
Press release

Open Letter to UN: Urgent Need for an Effective Resolution on Darfur

OSI's Justice Initiative and seven other human rights organizations sent an open letter to the UN Secretary-General and the members of the UN Security Council, urging a more robust resolution to end the violence in Darfur, Sudan.

March 18, 2005
Press release

Momentum for Legal Aid Reform Builds Across Europe and Beyond

The Second European Access to Justice Forum, organized by the Open Society Justice Initiative and the Public Interest Law Initiative, met to discuss the need to reform legal aid systems.

February 28, 2005
Press release

Human Rights Commission Asked to Uphold Right to Information in Chile

The Open Society Justice Initiative and three partner organizations Tuesday urged the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to uphold the right to information in a case against Chile.

February 23, 2005
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