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Advocacy update

Justice Initiative Continues to Call for Fairness and Transparency in ICC Prosecutor Election Process

In light of indications that International Criminal Court (ICC) states parties are considering late-stage changes to the election process for the court’s next prosecutor, the Justice Initiative has joined more than a dozen civil society groups in an open letter calling for states to ensure that the process remains fair, transparent, and merit-based.

October 21, 2020
Press release

Justice Initiative and Syrian Archive Expose New Information on Syria’s Chemical Weapons Program

After two years of investigations, the Open Society Justice Initiative and the human rights group Syrian Archive have compiled the most comprehensive investigative report to date on Syria’s Scientific Studies and Research Centre (SSRC), the entity at the heart of Syria’s chemical weapons program.

October 19, 2020
Advocacy update

The Justice Initiative Calls for Investigation into Death of Human Rights Defender in Kyrgyzstan

The Open Society Justice Initiative has made a submission to the United Nations Human Rights Committee (UN HRC) asking to remind the government of Kyrgyzstan of its duty to conduct an effective and impartial investigation into the circumstances and causes of Azimjan Askarov’s death in prison.

October 16, 2020
Advocacy update

Justice Initiative Expresses Concern over Trump Administration Proposal to Expand Biometric Surveillance on Immigrants, U.S. Citizens

The Justice Initiative is expressing concern over a Trump administration proposal to expand the use of invasive data collection in the U.S., which could lead continuous surveillance of immigrants and their families.

October 13, 2020
Press release

Justice Initiative Joins Syrian Groups in Filing First Criminal Complaint on Behalf of Sarin Attack Victims

The Justice Initiative, the Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression, and Syrian Archive have filed a criminal complaint on behalf of chemical weapons attack victims to the Office of the German Federal Public Prosecutor.

October 06, 2020
Press release

Supreme Court of Kyrgyzstan Issues Final Positive Ruling Awarding Compensation for Prison Death

On Monday, September 28, the Supreme Court of Kyrgyzstan declined an appeal filed by Kyrgyzstan’s Ministry of Finance on its ruling in the case of Ernazarov v. Kyrgyzstan, upholding a final decision awarding compensation to the family of the victim, Rahmonberdi Enazarov.

October 01, 2020
Press release

Open Society Justice Initiative Sues Trump Administration over International Criminal Court Executive Order

The Open Society Justice Initiative has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. government over a Trump administration executive order authorizing draconian economic sanctions and severe civil and criminal penalties for those who support the ICC.

October 01, 2020
Advocacy update

Migrant Farmworkers in Greece Remain Unprotected After Disappointing Council of Europe Decision

The Open Society Justice Initiative is expressing concern over a decision to suspend Greece's obligation to make labor policy changes that would protect migrant farmworkers.

September 17, 2020
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