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Briefing Paper

Accountability for Crimes of Personnel of the Wagner Group in Ukraine

A legal analysis of the status of the Wagner Group under international humanitarian law and implications of that status for prosecuting its personnel for international crimes allegedly committed in Ukraine.

November 2023
First page of PDF with filename: accountability-for-crimes-of-personnel-of-the-wagner-group-in-ukraine-en-20231108.pdf
Briefing Paper

Immunities and a Special Tribunal for the Crime of Aggression against Ukraine

This briefing paper provides a non-exhaustive overview of the application of immunities to prosecutions for the crime of aggression, particularly to the Russian head of state, head of government, and minister of foreign affairs, before a Special Tribunal for the Crime of Aggression against Ukraine.

February 01, 2023
First page of PDF with filename: immunities-and-a-special-tribunal-for-ukraine-en-02012023.pdf
Briefing Paper

Security for Costs Orders in the Bahamas as a Barrier to Access to Justice in Public Interest Litigation

This briefing paper provides an overview of the international and regional framework relevant to the consideration of applications for security for costs in environmental and other public interest judicial review challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean.

November 21, 2022 | Juliana Vengoechea
First page of PDF with filename: briefing-paper-security-for-costs-orders-in-the-bahamas-11212022.pdf
Briefing Paper

Universal Jurisdiction Law and Practice in England and Wales

The principle of universal jurisdiction allows national courts to investigate and prosecute international crimes committed on foreign territory by foreign nationals. This briefing paper provides an overview of the legal framework in England and Wales on universal jurisdiction and was produced in partnership with TRIAL International and REDRESS.

May 2022
First page of PDF with filename: universal-jurisdiction-law-and-practice-england-and-wales-05232022.pdf
Briefing Paper

UN Entities’ Powers to Establish Administrative Reparations Programs

This briefing paper provides an overview of the powers of various UN entities to establish administrative reparations programs for gross violations of international human rights law, serious violations of international humanitarian law and/or international crimes, and their past practice on this subject.

March 2022
First page of PDF with filename: briefing-paper-un-entities'-powers-to-establish-administrative-reparations-programs-en-032022.pdf
Briefing Paper

Contesting Neutrality Dress Codes in Europe

This briefing paper aims to support Muslim women, campaigners, litigators, and other stakeholders challenging discriminatory and exclusionary religious dress bans by deconstructing the concept of neutrality and analyzing its treatment by various courts.

March 29, 2022
First page of PDF with filename: briefing-paper-contesting-neutrality-03182022.pdf
Briefing Paper

Restrictions on Muslim Women's Dress in the 27 EU Member States and the United Kingdom

This policy brief and accompanying fact sheet map EU and UK laws and pending legislation restricting religious dress—specifically the headscarf and face veil worn by Muslim women.

March 2022
First page of PDF with filename: policy-brief-restrictions-on-muslim-women's-dress-03252022.pdf
Briefing Paper

From Spectators to Champions: How Supportive States Can Promote Cooperation with the International Criminal Court through Multilateral Bodies

This briefing paper offers recommendations as to how the ICC should approach cooperation challenges, as well as how states that are supportive of its work could leverage multilateral bodies’ support to influence reluctant governments to cooperate with the ICC.

February 28, 2022
First page of PDF with filename: justice-initiative-ICC-state-cooperation-briefing-paper_02282022.pdf
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