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Briefing Paper

The Molina Theissen Trial in the Courts of Guatemala

Background information on the trial of former senior Guatemalan military officers over crimes against humanity allegedly committed against members of the Molina Theissen family in 1981.

February 2018
First page of PDF with filename: briefing-molina-thiessen-20180220.pdf

Submission to the UN Human Rights Committee Review of Hungary

This submission to the 122nd Session of the UN Human Rights Committee highlights the impact of Hungary’s ongoing anti-NGO campaign on its obligations under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

February 2018
First page of PDF with filename: submission-to-unhrc-hungary-20180212.pdf
Briefing Paper

European Union Law and Romanian Draft Law 140/2017 on Associations and Foundations

This briefing paper considers the extent to which a proposed new Romanian law on the management of civil society organizations would violate provisions of European Union law.

February 2018
First page of PDF with filename: romania-legal-briefing-20180205.pdf

Options for Justice: A Handbook for Designing Accountability Mechanisms for Grave Crimes

Options for Justice assesses the record of different approaches to delivering accountability in the aftermath of conflict—and draws lessons for the design of future mechanisms.

May 2018
First page of PDF with filename: options-for-justice-20180918.pdf

Strategic Litigation Impacts: Torture in Custody

This study looks at how activists in Argentina, Kenya, and Turkey have sought to use the courts to secure remedies for torture victims and survivors, bring those responsible to justice, and enforce and strengthen the law.

November 14, 2017
First page of PDF with filename: slip-torture-corrected-20180529.pdf

Strengthening from Within: Law and Practice in the Selection of Human Rights Judges and Commissioners

This joint report shines a light on the processes that governments use to nominate and select human rights judges and commissioners.

November 2017
First page of PDF with filename: strengthening-from-within-20171102_0.pdf
Briefing Paper

Joint Submission on International Standards for Regulating the Use of Force

A submission to the Human Rights Committee from the Open Society Justice Initiative and four other rights groups on the interpretation of human rights law on the use of force.

November 01, 2017
First page of PDF with filename: hrc-joint-submission-force-20171101.pdf

Inhuman and Unnecessary: Human Rights Violations in Dutch High-Security Prisons in the Context of Counterterrorism

Prisoners in the Netherlands suspected or convicted of terrorism offenses face aggressive and intrusive security measures, regardless of the threat they might pose.

October 2017
First page of PDF with filename: inhuman-unnecessary-dutch-detention-english-20171027.pdf
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